Digital Workshops 2021

FROGGY Media Designer Jared Mezzocchi (NYTimes Best of 2020, "Standing up for Theater") reconcieves FROGGY for an online audience. The play is written in the style of a noir graphic novel, and this innovative approach combines live acting with media design on a digital platform to forge a new form of art media.

Architectural Workshop 2020

Team FROGGY explores the "architecture" needed to present its digital production. The designers explore how may the performers' respective physical spaces may be converted to mini-studios, and their live streams combined with graphics and UNITY video game to create the world of the play.

Staging Workshop at La Jolla Playhouse 2018

Set Designer Sibyl Wickersheimer and Game Designer Derek Christiansen experiment with how FROGGY lives in space.

Workshop at Andy's Summer Playhouse 2018

The creative team travels to Wilton, New Hampshire to workshop the full show with teens at Andy's Summer Playhouse, where Media Designer Jared Mezzocchi is Artistic Director.

Interactive Workshop at 3LD 2013

The creative team establishes broad design choices and functionality for the four game environments in FROGGY.

Media Workshop at The Banff Centre 2012

Jen and Matt work with media artists to develop a visual language for FROGGY as part of The Banff Centre's I.D.E.A. Project (Interaction, Design, Experience, and Audience).